Who can play?
Men over 35 years old and Women over 30 years old can play.

Can individuals or part-teams enter?
Yes! We match individuals or part-teams with others to form a Barbarians or Invitational Teams

How many matches do you play?
Each team plays at least 2 games over 2 match days.

How competitive is the play?
The World Masters Rugby is a social event, there will not be a tournament, no champions. Anyway we will have teams playing competitive fixtures and social or friendly fixtures too.

Is there a limited amount of teams to participate?
Yes, the total limited is 50 teams. There will be a limit per grade too

What’s the social side like?
There will be 2 major functions during the week – Opening Ceremony and the Finale Dinner Award and Party.

If I’ll go to the festival as part of a team, I have to pay any individual registration fee or similar?
No, you just have to pay for the Festival Package that you choose (mandatory for each player or non player)

Are breakfast, lunches and dinners included in the cost of the official packages?
Yes, all hotels selected have an «All Inclusive» regimen: beverages and cocktails, entertainment activities day and nights included too.

What payments need to be made in order to register a team for the festival?
Team registration fee (500 U$D per team) + The Official Festival Packages per person

Are different packages for non players?
Non players are more than welcome and they will have the same services than the players. Packages and costs are the same for players and non players.

Do we need insurance?
Yes, players are responsible for sourcing their own insurance if they feel like they need to. We accept no responsibility for any injury caused by participating in any of our sport competitions.

Will there be First Aid?
First Aid provisions are available throughout the festival.

Are there other pre or post event tours available? 
There certainly is. We have amazing excursions available, before or after the festival. If you prefer to do your own tour, we can also create custom tours.

How do I register?
That’s easy. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER your team or as individual