World Masters Rugby adheres to the Golden Oldies commandments and philosophy.




1.- I will play the game of rugby for the game’s sake


2.-  I will not remember the score at the end.


3.- If I “made it” during my playing days I will not use that to embarrass others


4.- If I didn’t “make it” during my playing days I will not try to use the Golden Oldies to do so.


5.- I will at all times during the game respect the older and more decrepit members of the other teams.


6.- I will follow the Golden Oldies philosophy of fun, irreverence and self-indulgence.


7.- I will be an ambassador of Golden Oldies and always spread the good work.


8.- I will never lose sight of the rule to make friends and renew acquaintances in exotic places.


9.- I will always remember that I am at far greater risk at what I may do to myself or have done to me socially than anything, which may happen to me on the field.




Golden Oldies Rugby Festivals is primarily a means to bring rugby players, their wives / partners together from different parts of the world, to share their common interest in rugby and to have the maximun amount of fun.


Simply stated, the golden oldies philosophy is:


  • To participate in a game or festival which will provide FunFriendship and Fraternity for those over the age of 35,  who have retired from rugby, but wish to continue participating in their favourite sport for sheer enjoyment.


  • To provide opportunities for rugby players and their families to travel, create new friendships and renew old acquaintances.


  • To provide opportunities to highlight and promote rugby and create reasons to retain an active interest


  • The opportunity to keep enjoying your favourite sport, with the emphasis on enjoyment rather than keeping score


  • A principal philosophy is that games are played in a non competitive manner. The festivals are not Tournaments and the results of the games are of no significance